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The Master's programme in Art History at the Heinrich-Heine-University builds on a previous successful Bachelor's programme in Art History. The programme is aimed at students who wish to study the history, systematics and theory of art and other visual cultures in a scientific and job orientated way.
The four-semester study programme with the degree "Master of Arts" (M.A.) is free of admission, but with "proof of special aptitude" (application and proof of aptitude take place directly at Heinrich Heine University). the programme can be started in the summer and winter semesters.


The prerequisite for admission to the Master's programme is the completion of a relevant Bachelor's programme at a German university with a grade of 2.3 or better. Degrees obtained at foreign universities can be recognised after all documents have been submitted.
Admission to the Master's programme is also possible as a lateral entry ("Quereinstieg"), i.e. after completion of a Bachelor's programme with a lower proportion of art history than in a regular Bachelor's programme in Art History. For this purpose, the aptitude of the student will be checked by the academic advisor and, if necessary, additional academic performances will be asked. Admission to the Master's programme is possible both in the summer and in the winter semester.


The 4-semester MA programme serves to deepen, differentiate and individualise the knowledge acquired in the Bachelor programme. Our seminars enable the specific discussion of art historical questions. "Team projects" give the opportunity to develop practice-related concepts. "Project seminars" help to acquire skills relevant to future professional fields. Our "excursion programme" (i.e. study trips lasting several days) offers the opportunity to gain a profound understanding of the art landscape of historical sites in Germany and abroad. Lectures and a job-oriented internship complete the range of our courses.


This plan shows the structure of the curriculum and the course content according to semesters and thematic focuses.


The programme aims to achieve a balance between scientific and general competences. The aim is to prepare graduates for the broad professional spectrum in which trained art historians can work.


4 semesters
Voraussichtliche Bewerbungsfrist:
by August,15th
Voraussichtliche Einschreibefrist:
21.08.2020 - 30.10.2020
01.07.2020 - 15.08.2020
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Module guide

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