Testimonials: Studierende aus dem Ausland über die HHU

Kaum eine europäische Universität vereint in so ausgewogener Weise Internationalität, modernste Forschung und Lehre sowie ökonomische Stärke harmonisch mit Urbanität und Lebensqualität wie die Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf (HHU).

Sie liegt einerseits im Zentrum der Region „Rhein-Ruhr” mit über 10 Millionen Einwohnern und ist doch - bei ca. 30.000 Studierenden - überschaubare „Campus-Universität der kurzen Wege”. Damit bietet die HHU gerade auch Studierenden aus dem Ausland ein einmaliges Umfeld. Dazu aktuelle Original-Statements von Studierenden (in Englisch):

“At HHU there are so many activities and opportunities for students.”

Diane Tatiana Ngobo, Cameroon: “I would recommend studying at HHU because you can meet students from all over the world.”

“My name is Tatiana and I’ve been studying German Languages and Literatures in combination with Information Science at HHU since October 2014. I’m now in my 7th semester. I arrived in Düsseldorf three years ago and was so fascinated that I decided to study here. I like HHU because there are so many activities and opportunities for students. Over the last year, I’ve been improving my English and also decided to do gymnastics. Doing sport and learning English at the University have helped me to join up with other students from other faculties and countries. Studying German Languages and Literatures together with Information Science was the best choice I’ve ever made. HHU’s Faculty of Arts and Humanities allows students to combine two subjects. On the one hand, I’m able to learn more about German literature and culture. On the other hand, I’ve learnt a lot about computer programming, social media, internet, social media marketing and the information market. The lecturers are very friendly and happy to help us students. What’s more, there’s a library in each faculty. For me, that’s not only a place to learn but also where I can meet new students and talk about their countries, cultures and goals. Düsseldorf is a big city and it’s easy to reach neighbouring places such as Cologne, Neuss, Wuppertal or Essen. It takes me fifteen minutes to get to the University from Düsseldorf city centre. The city is beautiful, on the banks of the Rhine with many tourists and modern buildings. I like living in Düsseldorf and hope to find a job here after graduating because my friends are here.”

“Studying at HHU and in Düsseldorf is well worth it!”

Yiliqi Yliqi, China: “HHU offers students intensive supervision but at the same time freedom and a lot of scope.”

“I’ve been enrolled at HHU since October 2013. I finished my Masters degree in Comparative Studies in English and American Language, Literature and Culture in May 2017. In the 2017/18 winter semester I started studying Romance Languages and Literatures and am also planning to do a doctorate. Since HHU is a university which is neither too small nor too big, it can offer students intensive supervision but at the same time freedom and a lot of scope.There are many opportunities at HHU for us international students to get to know the campus as well as Düsseldorf as a whole. There are lots of contact points at HHU that I can turn to, whether for general questions or ones to do with my subject. In addition, Düsseldorf is a very international city with cultural events and plenty to do in your spare time. From my experience: Studying at HHU and in Düsseldorf is well worth it!”

"Professors know exactly how to motivate us students"

Valentina Dilova, Bulgaria: “I saw immediately from the rankings that HHU has an excellent reputation.”

 “Studying Business Administration at HHU wasn’t exactly my plan when I came to Germany. But on my first visit to Düsseldorf I fell in love with the place and so I started enquiring about opportunities to study here. I saw immediately from the rankings that HHU has an excellent reputation. Finally I decided to study Business Administration. I soon settled down and the whole process was really easy thanks to the friendly and competent staff at the International Office and the Student Service Centre. Now I’m almost at the end of my programme and never once have I regretted my decision. All professors at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics know exactly how to motivate us students. Their classes are easy to follow and include lots of examples from everyday practice. There are also many opportunities for personal and professional development, such as membership in various student organisations or by participating in different workshops. There are also free language courses leading to certificates recognised throughout the whole of Europe. Soon I won’t be leaving HHU just with my Bachelor degree but also with certificates from two internships and in three different foreign languages as well as a lot of wonderful memories.”

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