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Valeriy Nemyrow

Global Innovation Manager
Henkel Beauty Care Corporation
M.Sc. Entrepreneurship @ University of Surrey

The mentees should know this about me …
- worked in seven different countries within Europe
- more than ten years of experience in Hospitality, Tobacco and Beauty Care industry
- experience in M&A, Marketing, Supply Chain and Innovation
- father of two daughters

I expect from my mentees: 
- desire to learn
- positive attitude
- ability to leave a comfort zone

I participate in UNI2JOB-Mentoring because …
...sharing experience and helping people to progress is a key for self-development.

A good mentoring is …
…collaboration with an open mind and clear purpose.

I can support the mentees especially with these topics: 
- building an international Career
- working with feedback and building on it
- identifying your personal USP and building your own brand
- inside look at different functions within global organizations
- Henkel vacancies and key requirements

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