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DFG funding for doctoral training in competition economics

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Düsseldorf - The German Research Foundation (DFG) has approved the application of the Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics (DICE) at the Heinrich-Heine-University for the continuation of the Graduate School on “Competition Economics”. The total funding of around 2.7 million euros will ensure the continuation of the graduate training at DICE until October 2023.

"Thus, the Doctoral Training at Düsseldorf location will be sustainably strengthened. The follow-up financing confirms the role of DICE as one of the leading research institutes on competition in Europe, "explains the Spokesperson of the Graduate School, Professor Hans Theo Normann.

The Graduate School "Competition Economics" (GRK 1974) at the Faculty of Economics of the Heinrich-Heine-University will be supported from 2014. The programme offers PhD students the opportunity to conduct research in the context of a structured doctoral program on competition economics. Besides that, it also helps to acquire knowledge on the way to scientific independence. So far, 18 scientists have been funded under the programme, of which the first funded scientists already earned a doctorate. With the funding now granted, the scientists will be funded over the next 4.5 years.

The main focus of the Graduate Programme lies on applied research in competitive economics using microeconomic, empirical and experimental methods. The scientists deal with the design and effectiveness of competition policy as well as with competition problems in specific market environments. In this way, application-oriented policy concepts and options for action in competition policy should be derived and demonstrated on the basis of the latest scientific findings.

"The DFG confirms our chosen path and ensures that we can continue to conduct top economic research in Düsseldorf," said the Director of DICE, Professor Justus Haucap.

The Graduate School offers a unique program for the training of doctoral students in Germany and Europe. Unique with its education and research program specifically oriented to the competition economics, its local concentration at the DICE and its connection to practical competition policy. Through the involvement of business administration and law, the program is interdisciplinary and application-oriented in research and education.


Professor Dr. Hans-Theo Normann, Dean of the Graduate School
Mail: normann(at)dice.hhu.de
Tel.: 0211- 81 15 297

Marc Feist, Knowledge transfer and press
Mail: feist(at)dice.hhu.de
Tel.: 0211-81-15251

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