Before the teaching of a new study programme may commence, an accreditation must first be issued by an independent accreditation agency. For this, the University must submit a detailed documentation on the study programme to be established. In addition, a group of reviewers from an accreditation agency visits the University to gain an impression on site of the planned teaching situation and speaks with the President, teaching staff and students, as well as inspecting facilities.

The accreditation is for a fixed period. When the period ends, each course of study must pass through reaccreditation. This process is fundamentally the same as for the first accreditation, but in addition data on the study programme, topics and grades of the last 50 Bachelor and Master theses as well as the evaluation results are recorded and assessed.

All accreditation applications are coordinated within the University with the Office of the Vice President for Excellence in Teaching. All new study programmes are subject to the approval by the President's Office and the undefinedStudies Commission.

The accreditation agencies in Germany are controlled by  undefinedAccreditation Council. Heinrich Heine University is one of the member universities of the the undefinedAQAS accreditation agency.


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