Workshops to help you choose a study programme or career

“What are you going to do after school?”

If people keep asking you this question or you’re asking yourself and don’t really have an answer yet, then our workshop is just what you need.

Choosing a study programme or career is a long and gradual process. Our workshop is one module / part of a whole range of services offered by the Student Service Centre at HHU to help you make such decisions. They include information afternoons for school pupils, attending lectures, course guidance – and much more. You can find further information undefinedhere .

Use our workshop as an initial stepping stone!






from 13-18 o'clock


Information on appointments during school hours: On application it is generally possible to be excused from school. We can help by sending you confirmation of registration.


Student Service Centre, building 16.11, undefinedmap

For whom?

School pupils in years 11-13; anyone else interested in studying may undefinedapply


In our workshop you will have an opportunity to take a good look at your future career plans from various perspectives.

We employ various methods to help you do this, for example supporting you in thinking about how you would answer the following questions:

  • Where do my real interests lie?
  • What am I good at – What do I not like so much?
  • Which study programme and possibly also which career path would suit me best?

All participants carry out a professional career choice test ( at home, before the workshop. During the workshop we will then help you evaluate the test individually in small groups and discuss the results. An additional aim of the workshop is to help you find your way through the flood of information thereby giving you a more solid foundation on which to base your decisions about studying.

(Unfortunately it is not possible to present individual study programmes and career prognoses during the workshop.)

Beside the content-based part of the workshop you will also have enough time to get to know something about university “campus life”.

Organisational aspects:

The workshop offers the following elements:

  • Information lecture “How to get into university”
  • “My strengths – my interests”
  • Evaluation of the test resuluts in small groups
  • Campus rally (optional)

Of course you will have plenty of opportunity to ask us all your questions during the workshop and to take lots of information material home with you.

The workshop and materials are free of charge for school pupils. During the break the participants can enjoy an inexpensive meal in the university cafeteria or canteen.

There are only a limited number of places: Please register by undefinedemail (name, age, school year for pupils)!

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