Dual orientation internship for sixth form pupils

In collaboration with our partners Stiftung “Pro Ausbildung” (foundation for training) and Stiftung “Partner für Schulen NRW” (foundation for schools in North Rhine-Westphalia), Heinrich Heine University offers dual orientation internships. These can help you find answers to typical queries about studying such as: “Is Law really such a dull subject to study?”, “I’d like to work in marketing. Do I need to study Business Management?” “Something with the media, that would be my dream!”
Many pupils are already certain whilst still at school: after my Abitur / A-levels I definitely want to go to university! But one question usually remains: “Will it suit me?” In such cases it’s best to gain as much valuable experience as possible before studying, and if at all possible locally!

The Student Service Centre would like to help you to form first impressions during a dual orientation internship: You learn about the various study programmes and which career prospects they offer, and gain personal insight into life on our university campus.


Part 1: 1-week internship “taster” at our university
(organised by the university)

  • Introductory event to start the week
  • “Probationary student” in a study programme of your choice
  • Campus rally
  • Contact persons daily from 8am – 6pm
  • Opportunity to attend normal lectures (except Medicine)
  • Insight into campus life (Student Services / Studentenwerk, Students’ Union / AStA, institutes, canteen)
  • Chats with the course guidance service, lecturers, students and student representatives / Fachschaft)
  • Information event on admission and application procedures
  • Introduction to the University and State Library / ULB
  • Final session with evaluation

Part 2: 1-week internship in a professional occupation
(to suit the study programme chosen, organised by the school)

  • The teachers will organise this, including preparation and subsequent review of the dual orientation internship.

Good reasons for the internship:

  • You can think hard about what you want to do after school at an early phase.
  • You can get a taste of student life and become familiar with the general conditions at a university.
  • You will get an early idea of the differences between school and university.
  • The dual orientation internship requires you to show more initiative and independence, both with regard to orientation within the university but also in finding somewhere for the professional internship.
  • For a short time you’re a “probationary student” and can test whether your expectations are met or not.
  • The test phase as a student will make you more aware of your school Abitur subjects.  
  • The prospect of studying what you want to will help you through the difficult final exam period at school.
  • You will have time to reflect on the experience of being a student during the following professional internship.
  • You will get to know numerous occupational fields and how to deal with potential employers.
  • After the internship you will have a solid foundation on which to make your decision for or against the chosen study programme.  

For further information, including information on project support funding:

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At present the dual orientation internship is being realised with two partners. Teachers interested in the project can therefore contact us directly:

The dual orientation internship in collaboration with the Stiftung “Partner für Schulen NRW” (foundation for schools in North Rhine-Westphalia)

  • Anyone interested should contact Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf directly.
  • Teachers create the framework conditions in school, including preparation and subsequent review of the dual internship.
  • Each participating school can receive funding of €1,500 to cover travel expenses, to finance thematic events or possibly even to pay student assistants to support the participants during their university “taster”.

undefinedYou can find further information on the foundation’s web page Stiftung “Partner für Schulen NRW” (foundation for schools in North Rhine-Westphalia)

or incorporate the Stiftung “Pro Ausbildung” (foundation for training) as go-between:

The dual orientation internship in collaboration with the Stiftung “Pro Ausbildung” (foundation for training)

  • The foundation’s office includes the dual orientation internship as one of its components,
  • establishes contact with universities and companies.
  • offers support during the start-up and implementation phases.

undefinedFurther information is available on the foundation’s web page Stiftung “Pro Ausbildung” (foundation for training)

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