Psychological study guidance

The consultation (without appointment) takes place usually on Tuesday from 10-12 am. You may also request an individual appointment either by email ( or leave a message on the answering machine (Tel.: 0211-81-14934). Please leave your phone number so we can call you back to make an appointment. At present, you should expect to wait around one week for a first consultation.


The psychological study guidance service at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf offers support for personal and psychological problems whilst studying. It takes the form of individual consultations, but also discussions in small groups, as well as stress reduction courses and seminars on how to deal with study-related problems.

Things that can put a burden on studying:

  • The next exam seems an insurmountable obstacle.
  • It’s difficult to concentrate on the subject matter.
  • There’s no pleasure to studying, just pressure.
  • Fear of exams and presentations are dominating every day.
  • It’s difficult to get to know nice people.
  • Having problems with your boyfriend / girlfriend.
  • ...

In the individual consultation ...

... you can talk about problems that are getting you down in a confidential environment. Using your neutral interlocutor as a mirror, difficult situations can look different, be understood in new ways and be dealt with in a purposeful way.

In the group sessions ...

... you meet students with similar problems. This by itself often has a positive effect and talking to one another can help to broaden your perspective. The groups are a protected environment for conflicts and to work on new solution strategies. The participants can (re-)discover their personal potential with abilities and limitations, thereby effecting process-based changes.
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For both the individual consultations as well as the psychological small groups, confidentiality is an important condition – therefore all the psychotherapists and all participants are obliged to keep all details confidential

Psychological study guidance

Business hours (no appointment needed): Tuesdays 10-12 am
and appointments on request (Tel.: 0211-81 14934 with answering machine)

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