FAQs for Prospective Students

Which courses are available at HHU?

An overview of our study courses leading to the Bachelor, Master and State Examination degrees (no Bachelor/Master of Education programmes) can be found at:


When is an application necessary?

An application is necessary for all subjects. Admission-restricted subjects (NC/ONC subjects) are subjects with a limited number of seats. The two criteria by which the seats are distributed are grade and waiting period. For admission-free subjects, the application is just a formality and will lead to direct enrolment.

When can I apply?

An application is possible as soon as you have obtained your high school diploma. The entries you make in your online application will be compared to the grade on your graduation certificate when enrolling.

What do I need to know about the local admission restictions?

The NRW Ministry of Culture and Science has compiled a list of FAQs on the topic (only available in German):

Which overall average grades were necessary in the past years for the subjects with local admission-restriction?

The overall average grades for the study courses with local admission-restriction can be found here:

Where and how can I apply?

When is the application deadline?

The cut-off date for subjects with local admission-restriction is January, 15th for the summer term and July, 15th for the winter term.

The cut-off date for subjects with nationwide admission-restriction is July 15th via https://www.hochschulstart.de/.  The final application deadline for applicants who obtained their university entrance qualification before January 16th of the year of application is May, 31st .

Do I have to hand in documents for the application?

Applicants from EU member states, Bildungsinländer (i.e. non-German applicants who obtained a   German university entrance qualification) and naturalised German citizens (including those with multiple citizenship) have to apply online. It is not necessary to send in any documents for the application. (Except for special requests such as applications in case of hardship)

You will need do send your documents once you receive your letter of acceptance via mail.

German citizens who obtained a foreign university entrance qualification need to have their certificates approved. Information on the approval procedure can be found here. (Ministry of Education, NRW):


When applying for subjects without admission-restriction you will get an overview of the documents you need to hand in at the end of the online application.

When applying for medicine, pharmacy or dentistry via www.hochschulstart.de you need to hand in your documents to Hochschulstart directly.

According to which criteria are the seats in the study courses distributed at HHU?


In a first step 20% of the seats are offered to the applicants with the best grades.

The next 20% are offered to the applicants with the longest waiting period (The waiting period consists of the entire time you were not enrolled at a German university or university of applied sciences after you obtained your university entrance qualification).

The last 60% are distributed by individual selection criteria of the respective university.
HHU distributes these seats by grade of the university entrance qualification.

Can I apply for more than one subject?

If you would like to apply for medicine, dentistry or pharmacy you have to decide on one subject only.

If you would like to apply for subjects included in the Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure (DosV) on www.hochschulstart.de you can choose up to 12 subjects or locations.

Apart from that, you can apply for as many subjects as you would like.

I have decided on a subject or a subject combination, but cannot find it in the selection of the applicant form. What can I do?


Please make sure you selected the right choice from the options menu "Bachelor" (e.g. Biology, Social Sciences, ...) "Bachelor Major Subject" (e.g. German Studies, History, ...), "Bachelor Minor Subject" (e.g. German Studies , Sociology, ...).

What do I do if I made a mistake during the application process?

Please apply once more via the online application form and fill it in completely again. Please also remember to print the control sheet at the end in order to identify possible mistakes.

Are there also subjects without admission-restriction?

Yes, there are a number of unrestricted-admission subjects at HHU. It is possible to enrol for these subjects until early October (You can find an overview on the deadlines here). While an application is still necessary for these subjects it will lead to direct enrolment.

When do I receive information on whether I was accepted?


The first letters of acceptance for the winter semester are sent in August. Due to a staged clearing process, however, letters of acceptance can still reach you as late as October / November via mail. The current status of the process can be found at: www.hhu.de/ncwerte

Do I automatically participate in the clearing process?

Yes, you automatically participate in the clearing process. It’s not possible to send a separate application.

What does "draw by lot" mean?

In case all applicants for a subject were admitted and there are still seats available in that course, a draw by lot procedure takes place. To participate in the draw by lot you only need to send an informal application via E-Mail containing your name (and matriculation number if you are already enrolled in another subject at HHU) as well as your address and details of the desired subject and degree. Please state the subject and the degree you wish to apply for in the subject heading of the e-mail. There is no deadline for participating in the draw by lot. Please note that participation in the draw by lot is permitted only if you had not already applied for the same subject via the regular application process before. Information on this can be found on the website of the Studierendenverwaltung.

What do I need to take into consideration as an applicant from a member state of the European Union (EU)?

You need to apply at http://www.hochschulstart.de/ for medicine, dentistry, pharmacy.

Please apply online at HHU for subjects with local admission-restriction (as described above). Please observe the "Information for Foreign Applicants" on the first page of the online application.

In order to supply for subjects offered through the Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure (DosV) (Business Administration (Bachelor), Biochemistry (Bachelor), Biology (Bachelor), Finance and Insurance Mathematics (Bachelor), Media and Cultural Studies (Bachelor), Medical Physics (Bachelor), Natural Sciences (Bachelor) (subject to accreditation), Psychology (Bachelor), Law (State Examination), Social Sciences (Bachelor), Economics (Bachelor), Business Chemistry (Bachelor)) it’s necessary to create an account at “hochschulstart.de” first:


Afterwards please apply via our online application form in a second step:


Please use the form on the following page to apply for subjects with unrestricted admission:

What do I need to take into consideration as an applicant from a country that does not belong to the European Union (non-EU)?

Please observe the corresponding information on the following website:


I received a letter of acceptance. How do I enrol?

An overview of the documents required for enrolment can be found on the enrolment form itself. The link to this form and your enrolment deadline are given in your letter of acceptance. If you do not meet this deadline your seat will be awarded to other applicants during the following clearing procedure and your admission will cease.

If you want to make sure that your documents have arrived at HHU, you can include a stamped postcard addressed to yourself with the enrolment documents. This postcard will then be sent back to you with an acknowledgment of receipt.

What do I do if I'm on vacation when my letter of acceptance arrives?

In this case, you should prepare the necessary documents for enrolment and provide a person of your trust with a written authorization to carry out all the steps necessary for your enrolment at the university. This person is then authorised to act as your representative.

The following documents should be prepared:

  • Officially certified copy of the higher education entrance qualification (e.g. high school diploma)
  • If you have changed your name (e.g. through marriage), please submit a certified copy of your marriage certificate or other appropriate proof
  • Copy of your account statement as proof of payment of the semester fee (please transfer only after you received your letter of acceptance!)
  • stamped A4 envelope addressed to yourself (fee currently 1.45 Euro)
  • Health insurance certificate of a statutory health insurance company for submission at enrolment. For private health insurance, please include a certificate of exemption by a statutory health insurance (This only applies if you are under the age of thirty.)
  • Students transferring from other universities who have been enrolled at a German university during the last two years must submit a certificate of enrolment from their last semester as well as an exmatriculation certificate from that university.

How do I enrol for admission-free subjects?

The application for subjects with unrestricted admission can be found here.

You will receive your enrolment form and a list of all documents to be submitted at the end of the application process. The application period for the winter semester is July 16th to October 1st.

Please note: The sooner you send in the enrolment documents, the sooner you will receive your semester documents, including your student ID and public transport ticket.

What happens after enrolment?

There are introductory information sessions that will help you to start your studies:

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