Semester on Leave

Provided that you produce corresponding proof, leave of absence during your studies can be granted for compelling grounds. These include in particular:

  • Completion of voluntary service (confirmation from the respective organisation)
  • Ill health
  • An internship that is essential for the successful completion of your studies or for a later doctoral programme and that lasts a maximum of two semesters (your internship contract and a written statement from your faculty)
  • Parental care of a child up to the age of three years (copy of your child´s birth certificate and current certificates of registration (yours and the child´s) from the Residents' Registration Office or the municipal authorities)
  • Care and support of relatives
  • Pregnancy (copy of your maternity record) undefinedMaternity Protection at University-Information for Students undefinedMaternity Protection Act (in German)
  • Studies abroad (certificate from the university abroad)

As a rule, leave of absence is granted for one semester. No leave of absence can be granted for the first semester.

If you are studying abroad or for reasons of ill health, the semester fee for the 2019 winter semester is reduced to € 216,28.

undefinedApplication for Leave of Absence



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