Mentoring at Heinrich Heine University

An excellent academic education and the optimum personal development of our students and young academics is one of our central concerns. That is why we offer a range of mentoring programmes which make it possible to accompany and support individual students and young academics (mentees). At the centre is a personal and trusting relationship to an experienced person (mentor). At Heinrich Heine University, senior staff from higher education, politics and business, as well as lecturers and students from higher terms function as mentors.

Mentoring is tailored to the mentees’ requirements and can vary depending on your study or career phase. Thus on the one hand a student can be given direction at the start of his or her course and on the other hand mentoring can contribute to supporting a mentee’s personal and vocational development. A further objective is the networking of (young) academics.

The following mentoring activities are subject to the quality standards of the undefinedForum Mentoring e.V., the nationwide umbrella organisation of mentoring programmes at universities:

There are also the following mentoring activities at Heinrich Heine University:

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