Experience Heinrich Heine University as guest auditor

Are you keen to further your education or would you like to attend academic classes but without taking an exam? Then you are welcome as a guest auditor at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf (HHU), even if you do not have the entry qualification usually necessary.


  • As a guest auditor, you do not need to commit yourself to a specific course of study, but instead can select at your own discretion those lectures from different subjects which you actually want to hear.
  • Guest auditors are not entitled to take examinations: This includes, besides intermediate and final examinations, oral examinations, assignments, tests etc. for obtaining certificates of achievement in individual course components. Upon request, a certificate of attendance in the lecture in question can be issued. This is not however a statement about the “success” of your participation.


The enrolment dates generally begin in July for the winter term and in January for the summer term. They end on the last Friday before the lecture period begins, that means around the 10th of October for the winter term and around the 10th of April for the summer term.

In your application, you must list those lectures which you want to attend and for each one you must obtain the permission of the lecturer concerned. Lectures and lecturers can be found in the undefinedonline University Calendar.

Please appreciate that in study courses with admission restrictions (numerus clausus) or when there is a limited number of places (classes, exercises, seminars), under certain circumstances it may not be possible to give permission.

Children’s University

We offer a broad spectrum of events especially for children and school pupils. At the Children’s University, the different faculties present exciting topics on an alternating basis.

undefinedChildren's University homepage


Senior citizens are welcome

As a senior citizen and whatever your age, you are welcome to attend selected lectures at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf as a guest auditor: There is no age restriction. Admission and participation follow the rules described above.

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