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The NRW.BANK ‘Tuition Fee Loan’


As the development bank of North Rhine-Westphalia, the former Landesbank NRW – today NRW.BANK – offers working people and students a range of different further training and education support measures, including the ‘Tuition Fee Loan’. This serves to finance tuition fees at state universities. German citizens who are enrolled at a German university have recourse to such a loan, just as do students of other nationalities in accordance with § 8 of the Federal Education and Training Assistance Act (Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz - BAföG). Only the first course of study is financed. There is no credit assessment and no securities need be provided.

Payout phase

Applications for a loan are submitted in the framework of the enrolment or re-registration process to the student secretariats at the universities. If approved, the money is paid directly to the university.
The tuition fee loan is paid out over the standard period of study plus 4 terms (in the case of a consecutive Master course standard period of study plus 2 terms). Periods of study already spent at home or abroad are taken into account. A change of study course within 2 terms (orientation phase) is not taken into consideration. The maximum annual interest rate up until 2011 is 5.9 %. Downwards, the interest rate is variable and the loan can therefore be cheaper. The current annual interest rate is 4.38%.

Repayment phase

Repayment begins 2 years after finishing the course of study or at the latest 11 years after starting it. Borrowers can choose freely between repayment rates of 50, 100 or 150 euro. Special repayments of at least 500 euro can be made at half-yearly intervals.

Special aspects

For recipients of government loans (BAföG) who make use of the tuition fee loan of the NRW.BANK, the “upper limit” applies. The overall debt from government loan and tuition fee loan is limited to 1.000 euro per loan term. If a student has government loan debts of over 1.000 euro per term, the loan from the NRW.BANK must not be repaid. This already applies in the case of monthly BAföG payments of 334 euro.

Further information and the current interest rate can be found  undefinedhere.

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