The KfW-Bank ‘Education Loan’


Students no older than 36 years of age and who are at an advanced stage of their education or training have recourse to the ‘Education Loan’ of the KfW-Bank (a public law institution). An intermediate examination certificate must be provided or else a declaration by the university stating that no intermediate examination is foreseen and the usual results have been produced.

Foreign students are granted loans if their permanent place of residence is in Germany and

  • a parent or the applicant’s spouse is German, or
  • the applicant is entitled to political asylum or is an accepted refugee or a displaced person, or
  • the student is from an EU Member State and is resident in Germany, or
  • the student or one of his or her parents was gainfully employed in Germany for 5 respectively 3 years prior to commencement of the course of study.

In contrast to government loans (BAföG), KfW-Bank loans are granted independently of the applicant’s own income and parents’ or spouse’s income.

Payout phase

The loan is paid out in monthly instalments of 100, 200 or 300 euro for a maximum of 24 months, i.e. a maximum of 7.200 euro. A single payment of 3.600 euro is possible. Applications for education loans must be submitted before the end of the 12th term. The annual interest rate is currently 1.96%.

Repayment phase

Beginning with payout, no repayment is due in the first 4 years. After that, the monthly repayment rate is 120 euro. Special repayments or full redemption in one sum are possible at no extra cost.

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