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Heinrich Heine University and the state capital Düsseldorf

The state capital of Düsseldorf is one of Germany’s strongest economic regions and is also outstandingly successful with regard to international ties. However, these dynamics, important when it comes to jobs, is only the economic side of this city on the Rhine: The other is its role as a region worth living in. Top rankings in various studies on the quality of life offer tangible proof: Düsseldorf provides a particularly pleasant environment – with both Rhenish warmth and urbane opportunities for education and leisure.

Düsseldorf’s “scene” comprising the Art Academy, University of Applied Sciences, Academy of Music and municipal cultural institutions, all of which are closely linked to our campus culture, are significant for the surrounding region too. Below please find some examples from this wide-ranging programme of cultural and sport events – you can find a complete overview online or in print media, e.g. in one of the numerous scene magazines.

Cultural diversity on the Rhine

Here you can find a brief overview of those cultural events offered by the city of Düsseldorf (including closely affiliated event partners):

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