HHU StartInternationalStay without graduation at the HHU (Erasmus, free mover, foreign language assistant (PAD), visiting doctoral students, scholarship holders)

Stay without graduation at the HHU

Erasmus, free mover, foreign language assistants (PAD), visiting doctoral students, scholarship holders.


Welcome to the Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf!

Erasmus internship:

As a general rule, we do not enrol Erasmus interns.

Exception: Doctoral students who come to the HHU with an Erasmus Internship (SMP).

  • The fact sheet for student interns at the HHU can you find here. .

(Erasmus) partner:

You will find everything you need to know about nomination, halls of residence, language courses and scholarships in the fact sheet for partner universities.

Erasmus Departmental Coordinators:

As a student you will find your Erasmus Departmental Coordinator in this list (only in German).

Scholarships of the HHU:

The HHU offers the following scholarships for stays of students from (Erasmus) partner universites:

  • We offer all partners the summer language course (German) scholarship.(Erasmus) partner nominate students for scholarships, students cannot nominate themselves.
  • The exchange scholarship is for all students from partner universities that are not Erasmus partners of the HHU. Partner nominate students for scholarships, students cannot nominate themselves.

free mover:

We will answer your questions in the fact sheet for free mover stays at the HHU.

Visiting doctoral students:

The JUNO supervises the visiting doctoral students.

Erasmus students, exchange students, scholarship holders:

You will soon come to the HHU and you want to know how to enrol and select courses, who your contact persons are and what you have to do to arrive relaxed at the HHU.

Good reasons for the HHU:

The Heinrich Heine University enjoys an excellent reputation due to its high quality teaching and a large number of Collaborative Research Centres. The institutes of the HHU are located in one area, easily accessible by public transport and not far from the main railway station as well as the city centre. Duesseldorf is home to many international companies and offers good job opportunities, both during and after your studies. Leisure activities in Duesseldorf are very diverse.

Exchange students
Scholarship holders

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