HHU StartInternationalInternationale Studierende und StudieninteressierteHow and when can I apply for admission to a course of study at HHU?

In this brochure for applicants from abroad (pdf), you will find detailed information on how to apply. How and where you need to apply depends on different aspects:

  • your country of origin (EU member state or not),
  • whether a local (NC) or general admission restriction applies for your aspired study programme or none,
  • whether you would like to apply for a bachelor or a master degree programme or else.

As applicant from a EU member state (or Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein), you need to apply in the same way as German students while different procedures apply depending on the course: undefinedStarting your course.

As applicant from a non-EU state, you generally need to submit these documents. Please observe the application deadlines.

If you are not sure which application procedure applies for you or if you are undecided which study programme to choose the Advisory Service for prospective students from abroad will be glad to advise you. You can also contact our International Student Orientation Service (ISOS) team for further information and help.



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