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Hannes Händel

Head of M2M/IOT-Connectivity
IT-Systems International, Bonn
Projektmanagement Internationaler Projekte


Das sollten die Mentees über mich unbedingt wissen:
- Graduate engineer with strong international sales, project management & innovation track record in different industry segments (automotive, consumer goods, fashion, industry)
- Sales: >10-year experience in international corporate sales. Focus on Direct Sales with clear growth & hunting ambition. Expert in strategic & holistic Sales Approaches with C-Level engagement.
- Innovation: address new market segments (corporate & consumer OEMs) with a new proposition (flexible subscription mgmt. for end-customers), a strategic tool for OEMs to increase their customer retention
- Leadership: >10 years of international management and leadership experience. Frequently asked as Mentor for coaching and for “fire-fighting” leadership tasks.
- Technology: End-to-end IOT Portfolio Knowledge of Deutsche Telekom, network access technologies (mobile, fixed), device management, IOT Platforms (MS Azure), Cloud Services (public, private, hybrid), Security (network, devices, apps), Application Management (customer journey & data intelligence)
Expert know-how in mobile network technologies, eSIM- and device management solutions.
- 2002 to date Deutsche Telekom & Affiliates, Bonn
- 1996 – 2001 Vodafone & Affiliates, Ratingen & London

Das erwarte ich von meinen Mentees: 
- Seriousness
- Openness
- Curiosity

Ich mache beim UNI2JOB-Mentoring mit, weil…
I am interested in keeping in touch with the new working generation
I like to share my experience
I like to learn new perspectives and to give orientation

Ein gutes Mentoring ist für mich…
…being clear what you want to achieve.

Ich kann die Mentees vor allem bei diesen Themen unterstützen: 
- Personal strengths analysis
- Intl. Company & Job research
- Job applications
- Networking

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