05.09.18 13:13

Fifth Men’s Congress in September at Heinrich Heine University


By: Editorial staff / V.M.

On 21 and 22 September, the Clinical Institute for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy of Düsseldorf University Hospital and the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychoanalysis Düs-seldorf will be staging what is now the fifth Men’s Congress for experts and non-specialists at Heinrich Heine University.

The theme of the conference is MÄNNER. MACHT. THERAPIE. and has been consciously chosen for its somewhat double meaning in German. The impact of borderless, exploitation-based capitalism in the form of a globalised and digitalised working world, social division on the inside and migration from the outside as well as big data and cyberspace trigger insecurities on a wide scale and the fear of losing hold, autonomy and identity. These developments produce a social climate that is perceived by many people as a diffuse threat and then leads to different reactions. These include, amongst others, (sub)cultural manifestations of new or restorative masculinity, which appear in the shape of processes and protagonists in politics and business but also in youth culture that were deemed long overcome.

This means that the need for protection and safety spawns both new and old forms of power appropriation and delegation. Is it possible for a feeling of security to accrue in times of growing uneasiness and structural upheavals with the help of reflection inspired by psychoanalysis or by means of psychotherapy? To what extent are there alternatives here to the existing destructive pseudo-solutions particularly for boys and men? These are questions that renowned experts from different scientific disciplines will be examining. Registration for the congress is now possible under www.maennerkongress-duesseldorf.de.

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