Standing Commission on the University and State Library

The commission supports the close collaboration between the central university administration and the university and state library.


Prof. Dr. Peter Westhoff

Further members

Group of professors:

Prof. Dr. Jan Busche
Prof. Dr. Reinhold Egger
Prof. Dr. Matthias Fangerau
Prof. Dr. Peter Kenning
Prof. Dr. Peter Kern
Prof. Dr. Michael Reichel
Prof. Dr. Annette Schnabel
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Wesselborg

Group of academic staff:

Isabelle Dorenkamp
Dr. Anna Maria Nilges
Dr. Guido J. Reiß
Dr. Georg Schiller

Group of students:

Sarah Kleinschumacher
Fabian Korner

Group of technical and administrative staff:

Nora Book

Responsible for the content: