The program for voluntary work with the consultations office is meant to help students with a disability or chronic illness. It consists of two parts: one-time or short-notice project work, and the mentoring program.
The one-time or short-notice volunteering is meant to help finish other existing projects faster and more effectively. By participating in existing projects, the volunteers gain deeper insight into the topic. This way, they can be helped to understand the needs of students with disabilities in face-to-face interactions.
The mentoring program is a long-term project especially concerned with proving equal chances for students with and without disabilities and chronic illnesses. Over the course of at least one term, the participants assist individual students and remove existing barriers. This allows for an opportunity to more easily form social connections. This way, the mentors are made aware of the difficulties that students with disabilities are confronted with.
If you are interested in participating in voluntary work, please contact a member of staff in the consultations office.

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