We are working with different information centres to ensure a thorough and complete care before and during their studies.

Psychological-social Advice

Advisory office of the commissioner for students with disabilities and chronic diseases gives advice for students dealing with difficulties such as exam anxiety, finding it hard to make new acquaintances or with psychosomatic symptoms. He furthermore offers a coaching group for students which is designed to help students with structuring their studies. Contact details and further information you will find on the undefinedWebsite of the Clinical Institute for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy.

Department for Accessibility

Founded in 2012, the undefinedDepartment for Accessibility is a student-led department which works to improve accessibilty on campus by enhancing communication between faculties and students. A special interest is to raise awareness for the needs of the students concerned.

German National Association for Student Affairs (Studierendenwerk)

undefinedThe German National Association for Student Affairs is available for prospective students. The following is just an excerpt of the topics and questions the association is concerned with:

  • Childcare, e.g. daycare services
  • Advice and aid in financial crises
  • Advice and aid for students with disabilities and chronic health issues
  • Psychological support in emergency situations
  • Advice in matters of social law
  • Advice for international students, e.g. concerning special insurance protection



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