Information for currently enrolled students of Heinrich Heine University

The social workers advice on problems, which arise during your studies due to a disability or chronic illness. You can contact us to discuss specific topics as compensations for detrimental effects, to receive help in applying for financial support and filling out applications. We will answer general questions you might have before starting your studies or which might arise after you have started your studies. If we should not be able to help you, we will refer you to the right contact person. In addition to the above mentioned, we have student assistants to support on an individual basis. This assistance might include escorts over the campus and support in obtaining and converting needed literature.

We will gladly answer any further questions via telephone, e-mail on during our opening hours. Information entrusted to us are always confidential and are handled with the utmost discretion under German data protection regulations.

An overview of our services:

  • Application for a place at university (e.g. hardship application)
  • Mediation between lecturers and students
  • Modification of study conditions and exam requirements
  • Application of academic adjustments
  • Financing of expanses due to disabilities
  • Statements to support applications (e.g. for technical tools and assistants)

In an attempt to make life and studies on campus easier, we offer further services:

  • Individual assistance, as needed
  • Escorts on campus
  • Mediation of paid placements through our offices
  • Conversion of literature for blind students
  • Information on how to reach buildings, lecture theatres and other facilities without having to face barriers
  • The issuing of eurokeys on campus for disabled toilets
  • PC workplaces for blind students (in the library and centre for information and media)
  • Technical aids (e.g. microport systems)
  • Procurance of volunteer helpers



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