Scholarships Ambassador at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf

Dr. Hannelore Riesner presents the scholarship program


Dear Sir, dear Madam

Many people in our society are assuming responsibility for life’s challenges in the 21st century. They undertake honorary and voluntary unpaid work in the widest range of areas. With regard to comprehensive and fair support for young people, it is extremely important to recognize and encourage achievement.  Only in this way will it be possible to prepare future generations for the responsibilities which await them. For university education, this also means developing an achievement-related scholarship structure which is independent of income.

Work in this direction has already been successfully undertaken at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf since 2009 with NRW’s »Take your chance« Scholarship Programme (»Chancen nutzen«). This programme has now been adopted nationwide by the national government as the “Scholarships for Germany Programme” (Deutschlandstipendium). Supporting achievement however also means demanding achievement. A particular feature of this “Achievement Scholarship” is that it is not anonymous, but instead the sponsor can enter into direct personal contact with the student/s. As a benefactor in the framework of the “Scholarships for Germany Programme”, you are thus part of university life at the HHU. You are welcome to take part in the many academic, cultural and social events at the HHU and meet interesting and like-minded people.

I would be very pleased if you too would make your contribution to the successful continuation of the “Achievement Scholarship” for our students. A warm welcome awaits you in the circle of benefactors of the “Opportunities” Scholarship Programme at the HHU.

PD Dr. Hannelore Riesner
Scholarships Ambassador at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf




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