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Periods of study abroad

[Last updated: 24/03/2020]

It is at each student’s discretion to begin, complete or to terminate prematurely his or her stay abroad.

In principle, Erasmus stays abroad can go ahead as planned. At present however, we advise students against beginning a new Erasmus exchange. It is at every student’s discretion to begin, continue with or drop out of an Erasmus exchange. Erasmus students who have already started their exchange and wish to terminate it prematurely to return home will not suffer any disadvantages as a result. This means these students will receive reimbursement for unavoidable travel costs and rents if the stay abroad was shorter than the normally required minimum period of stay. Or, if they have completed the minimum period of stay, they receive the regular financial support for the exchange period they have completed. On-line events that can be completed from Germany can be counted towards your period of stay abroad. Please contact Ms Sandmann outgoings-europa(at)hhu.de in case of questions.

The same applies to students who receive an HHU Mobility Grant (PROMOS). If you have any questions, please contact Ms Neumann auslandsstipendien(at)hhu.de.

Returning students from risk areas must adhere to HHU regulations regarding coronavirus and are not allowed to enter Heinrich Heine University grounds or buildings for 14 days after returning to Germany and they must inform their department accordingly.

At present information regarding exchange programmes during winter semester 2020/2021 is unavailable.

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