Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have compiled essential information on the scholarship programme in the form of frequently asked questions which shall serve you as a guideline for the application for or preparation and accomplishment of a scholarship. 

For viewing the answer to a question, please click on the respective question in the following list. As an alternative, you may also view or save the whole compilation in the following pdf-file:

What kind of scholarship does the NRW Scholarship Programme offer?

  • The programme tenders short-term scholarships (8-12 weeks) for qualified students from Israel, the Palestinian Territories and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
  • It enables students to undertake studies and research in North Rhine-Westphalia.
  • It does not sponsor complete study courses / programmes at German universities!

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What are the objectives of the scholarship programme?

  • Enabling scholars to carry out research projects (such as measurements, computer modelling, archive studies, demoscopic studies) at university and research facilities in North Rhine-Westphalia as part of their ...

    • bachelor's or master's thesis (students from Israel)
    • master's or PhD thesis (students from Palestine/ Jordan)
      at their home university.

  • Intensifying cooperation and establishing new contacts and networks between Israel/ Palestine/ Jordan and North Rhine-Westphalia.

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What are the general prerequisites for applying for a scholarship?

  • Students from Israel enrolled in a bachelor or master degree course at a university in Israel who are about to start or working on their final thesis
  • Students from Palestine enrolled in a master degree course or PhD program at undefinedcertain universities in Palestine who are about to start or working on their final thesis
  • Students from Jordan enrolled in a master degree course or PhD program at undefinedcertain universities in Jordan who are about to start or working on their final thesis
  • Fluency in English or German language.

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How many scholarship places are available per year?

  • The number of scholarship places depends on

    • 1) the funds available for the programme and
    • 2) on the qualification of the applicants for the respective scholarship place.

  • Throughout the last years, about 24 scholarship places could be realized per year.

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What does the scholarship include?

  • Access to all central facilities such as libraries, computer centres and access to the internet, including e-mail, refectories etc. will be provided.
  • The scholar will be actively involved in the respective project groups' research activities of the host university.
  • The host institutions will appoint a project group tutor as individual counsellor.
  • Travel expenses will be refunded up to a limit of 700 € – however, we appeal to you to try finding an economically priced flight/way of travel, as funds not used for this may be deployed for other important purposes within the scholarship programme and may even make another scholarship possible. Please note that you first need to pay all your travel expenses yourself – the refund is only possible after your arrival in NRW.
    See also: What do I have to do for receiving a refund for my travel expenses?
  • Accommodation will be organized by the host university; the costs are borne by the Scholarship Programme.
  • The scholar will be provided with a public transport ticket providing mobility throughout the region.
  • For covering living expenses the scholar will receive an amount of 16.44 € per day.
  • All funds are first transferred to the international office of the host university. They will then be distributed to the scholar or employed for issues in the context of the scholarship (e.g. accommodation). The amount for living expenses should be disbursed to the scholar monthly.
  • Health insurance coverage will be provided by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia within the framework of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Group Insurance Scheme.

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Is it possible to participate in a German language course?

  • Depending on the time frame of the scholarship stay, the respective host university may offer German courses for foreign students.
  • As an alternative, scholars might participate in a course at their home university prior to their stay in NRW or use the free online tools provided by "Deutsche Welle" for individual language learning:,,2547,00.html.

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Which scholarship places are offered and where?

  • The scholarship places are provided by research institutes at different universities and universities of applied sciences in North Rhine-Westphalia as well as the Research Centre Juelich in a variety of subject areas. They are listed in a document which is issued each year anew and can be found on our websites. There are usually three different versions for each country: undefinedIsrael, undefinedPalestine, undefinedJordan.
  • It is not possible to apply for a university or department which is not included in this list. In case you have already contacted an institution willing to accept scholars which is not on the list, please contact us so that we may add it to the list.


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How do I apply for a scholarship?

  • In order to apply, you need to fill in the application form which can be found online: undefinedIsrael, undefinedPalestine, undefinedJordan.
  • There you may indicate up to three scholarship places you would like to apply for. In order to enhance your chance of being accepted, it is important that you meet the particular requirements of the place you are applying for, i.e. that your degree/study programme matches the discipline and required degree of the place offered.
  • Please make sure before applying that your stay in North Rhine-Westphalia is consistent with your study programme schedule at your home university.
  • Please note that the time frame during which hosting institutions are able to receive scholars is restricted in most cases.
  • For detailed instructions, please refer to our "Guide: How to apply": Israel; Palestine; Jordan

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Where can I find all relevant documents for applying?

  • The official call for applications, the list of scholarship places as well as the application form and further documents can be found on our websites:

    • for undefinedIsrael
    • for undefinedPalestine
    • for undefinedJordan

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Which documents shall I include in my application?

  • The completed application form: including identification of the scholarship place(s) you seek to apply for as well as a brief statement on how the place(s) relate to your work;
  • a CV (as pdf-file) and photo;
  • documentary evidence on your previous academic achievements (as pdf-file), such as: relevant transcript of records, certificates of previous degrees;
  • a letter of motivation: in it, you should demonstrate your particular interests, your academic specialization and aims, your prospective professional career, your expectations with regard to your stay in North Rhine-Westphalia as a scholar and the knowledge you seek to acquire during the scholarship;
  • two letters of reference (as pdf-file) from two different university lecturers (including contact details and email address of the respective lecturer): they should include statements on your general qualification, your previous progress of studies, the future course of your studies, the objectives of your bachelor’s or master’s thesis and your English language skills; (please use the form provided for each of the letters)
  • Optionally: evidence on other achievements or qualifications relevant to the scholarship place(s) you apply for (e.g. reference on previous employments, participation in additional trainings, language skills and the like).
  • Please note: All application documents must be in English or German! Documents in other languages cannot be considered.

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Is there a deadline?

  • Yes. The actual deadline may vary from year to year, but normally it is in the beginning of March, usually March 1st. The definite deadline will be published along with the call for applications on our website.

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Where should I send the application?

  • Please send your application, preferably by email, to Dr. Guido Quetsch at Heinrich-Heine-University Duesseldorf. He is in charge of the coordination of the programme. 
  • Email: nrw-scholarship(at)

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What will happen after the application?

  • All complete applications will be forwarded to the university institutes offering the scholarship places.
  • The respective academic teachers will then decide upon the adequacy of the applicants on the basis of academic expertise and the application documents.
  • Taking into account the available number of scholarship places and after consulting the Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Research of the German Federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia the scholars of the year will be selected among the applicants preselected by the university institutes.
  • If funds remain, applicants not selected for the first priority scholarship place will then be presented to their second priority scholarship place, and so forth.

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When will I be notified whether I was accepted as a scholar?

  • The official letters of acceptance will be sent as soon as possible, i.e. after the definite acceptance of the respective scholar. Usually, this will happen by mid of April.

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What will happen after I have been accepted as a scholar?

  • Following your acceptance, you should come to an agreement on the exact time frame of your stay in accordance with your hosting institution and settle the details of your scholarship, e.g. the subjects you will be working on.
  • You will also be asked to fill in a form in order to request your health insurance which will then be effected by the Ministry via the DAAD.
  • For scholars from Palestine/ Jordan: As soon as the exact time frame of your stay is set, you should initiate your visa application. For this purpose, you will receive an official letter of invitation. Please bear in mind that obtaining the visa will take at least 3 (and up to 6) weeks!
    See also: undefinedHow do I apply for a visa?

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How do I apply for a visa?

  • After having received the letter of invitation, you need to make an appointment at the German Embassy in your home country. Please refer to these websites for more information:

  • For Palestinian citizens: In order to make an appointment at the German Representative Office in Ramallah, please use undefinedthis online appointment-system.
  • It is highly recommended to initiate the visa application process as soon as possible, as according to experience, it will take at least six weeks to obtain it.
  • Please note: In order to issue the letter of invitation which is required for the visa application, we need to know the exact dates of your stay in Germany!

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When can I start the scholarship?

  • From the beginning of May on, scholars may take up their scholarship in the host institution.
  • The duration of the stay may be between eight and twelve weeks. However, we strongly recommend making use of the maximum time frame of 12 weeks, as according to experience it takes some time for foreign students to adapt to the German university system.
  • Stays are to be finished not later than 31st December.

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Can I bring my partner?

  • We beg your understanding that the NRW Scholarship Programme cannot sponsor stays of partners or family members. Accommodation will be provided for the scholar only and the invitation letter for obtaining a visa can only be issued for the scholar him-/herself.
  • In case your partner or family members want to stay in Germany at the same time, this can only happen on their own account. 

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Do I have to arrange the travel to Germany myself?

  • Yes. However, the International Office of your host institution may advise you on how to get to your host university.
  • For your planning you can refer to our undefinedcollection of links where you can find the websites of the main transport companies in Germany and NRW.

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What do I have to do for receiving a refund for my travel expenses?

  • In order to receive the refund, you need to submit the original receipts or tickets to the International Office of your host institution. Your expenses will be reimbursed as soon as possible.
  • Please note that a refund prior to your arrival in Germany is not possible.

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Where can I get more information on Germany and North-Rhine Westphalia?

  • In the undefinedcollection of links we have indicated several websites containing general information on Germany, the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia as well as on studying and living in Germany as a foreigner.

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Can I get in contact with former scholars?

  • Yes. You can find a undefinedlist of former scholars in the section “Scholars’ Network”. There you can find out more about the scholars and their experiences.
  • For viewing the basic information on one of the scholars (home and hosting institution, subject area), please click on the respective name in the list and a box will pop up. If the respective scholar submitted a report, a link to this report will appear within this box. If the scholar agreed to publish his/her email address, you will also find a 'send mail' button there.
  • If you would like to get in contact with one of the scholars, who are not directly approachable, please undefinedsend us an email. We will forward your message.

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How can I keep up-to-date?

  • As a prospective scholar, you can also undefinedregister to our mailing list to receive further information on the programme. You will then also receive the call for applications via email, as soon as it is issued.

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I still have questions. Where can I turn to?

  • For all questions concerning the details of your scholarship stay at your hosting institution, please turn to the International Office of the host university (for issues concerning accommodation, transfer of funds etc.) or your professor/ tutor at your host institute (concerning time frame of your stay, the subjects you will be working on, available research facilities and all other academic matters).
  • You can find all information in more detail on these websites.
  • You can contact the coordination office at the Heinrich-Heine-University Duesseldorf (email: undefinednrw-scholarship(at)

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