Scholars meeting Minister President Dr. Juergen Ruettgers in Tel Aviv

At May 31, 2008, the Minister President of the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Dr. Juergen Ruettgers, met participants of the bursary program in Tel Aviv during his Israel visit.

MP Ruettgers discuss with scholars 2008

Minister President Dr. Juergen Ruettgers discuss with scholars in Tel Aviv.

Statement of Dror Kenett, scholar in 2006 term

Dror Kenett 2006 scholar

My name is Dror Kenett, and I am currently doing a master's degree in physics at the TAU.  I participated in the bursary program in the summer of 2006, when I was still an undergraduate physics student, and had joined the research group of Prof. Claus Grupen, at the experimental particle physics department, in the University of Siegen.
My two months there were truly a wonderful experience, and were much more then I had expected.  All of the people in the group and the department made me feel right at home, and I was very impressed with the university's facilities and resources. I found that the academic infrastructure was very similar to the one I am familiar with, except for perhaps the more relaxed and ordered atmosphere at the university, which is very different from what I am used to in Tel Aviv. The greatest German Jewish scientist, Albert Einstein said once: “if you use logic, you can get from point A to point B, but if you use creativity you can get to any other point”. I think that combining German logic and Israeli creativity can lead one to great achievement.
During my stay in Siegen, I took the time to see as much of Germany as I could.  It was a great opportunity to see and learn a lot about Germany, and a lot of what I saw and experienced impressed me, such as the local Krombacher beer, and other German customs and traditions. My stay in Siegen helped me see Germany for what it is, and I only wish I could have learned more German in the process.
Throughout the course of my graduate studies I have realized how much academic activity is held in Germany, where many of my friends and colleagues have gone at some point to a visit or conference in Germany. Personally, I will be attending a conference in Kiel in August. This is a good example of the good academic connection between our countries and I believe that a program like the bursary program helps strengthen this academic connection.
I'd like to finish with a short story from my stay in Germany. It took place during the welcome event for the scholars which took place in Düsseldorf at the end of August 2006. During the lunch break, some of us Israeli students decided to walk around the city by ourselves. We walked around the main street and talked with each other in Hebrew, when all of a sudden an older couple stopped us and said to us in Hebrew: "Don't speak in Hebrew so loud! You have to be careful!" None of us had given it any thought at all before that couple stopped us, and it did not bother us at all. We continued talking in Hebrew without a second thought about it. I think this testifies to the fact that Israelis' can feel free and welcome in Germany.
I'd like to say a big Danke Schoen to you personally, and all of you at the Science Center of North Rhine-Westphalia who are responsible for the bursary program, behalf of myself and everyone else here for this great experience you have given us.

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