Funding for sustainable reform projects: Teaching Support Fund

Challenge? Encourage? You can’t have one without the other: We put this principle into practice with regard to sustainable reforms in studying and teaching as well and each term invite tenders amounting to up to € 300.000 for the development and implementation of innovative teaching-learning projects.

The Teaching Support Fund supports sustainable... 

  • projects for the micro-didactic perspective in individual course modules, as well as
  • projects for the macro-didactic perspective in the design of modules and entire study courses.

It is also possible to support the professionalization of advice structures and the improved organisation of teaching and study by means of service projects.

Since the introduction of the Teaching Support Fund in 2008, the President's Office has funded particularly excellent projects for the improvement of the quality of teaching and study conditions with over 1.4 million euro: With this funding, it has already been possible to initiate sustainable innovations in teaching in a large number of areas.


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