Testimonials: Students from abroad about HHU

Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf in a unique way combines modern standards in research and teaching with internationality and innovativeness. Situated in the center of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area with more than 10 million inhabitants, it benefits from the region's economic strength and quality of life while staying reasonably sized with a total number of about 20,000 students. Our campus university offers students from abroad a profound and valuable education as well as an unforgettable stay.

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"HHU is a perfect place for research and study.“

Prakash C. Rathi, India: "I would recommend studying at HHU also because it is located in a city consistently ranked high in the list of best cities to live worldwide."

"Powered by cutting-edge technology and professors of repute along with a wide multi-cultural student base, HHU is a perfect place for research and study". I started my PhD at the Institute of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry, HHU, in April 2010. Since then, I have been greatly impressed by the warmth of my fellow students, the helping nature of the staff at the International Office, and of course by the overall environment which encourages high-quality research in natural sciences. Doing a PhD here provides me with ample opportunities for starting a career in the biotech industry in India or even in Germany. Despite being a non-German-speaker, I never had any difficulty in getting things done either at the University or outside. However, I am learning German and it's really interesting to learn a new language. Apart from its academic excellence, HHU also enjoys the fact that it is located in a city consistently ranked high in the list of best cities to live worldwide. The city offers exciting night life on top of being a hub of the advertising, telecommunication and fashion industries. Studying at HHU has been like living my dream in reality and I would recommend studying at HHU to aspirants from my country. This will provide them with a perfect blend of high-class education along with an exciting life in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


"At HHU you can design your curriculum according to your interests."

Olha Prud, Ukraine: "I would recommend studying at HHU because you can uncover new horizons for yourself."

I am in the sixth term of my Media and Cultural Sciences course at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf. Right now I am busy with my exams and will soon write my Bachelor thesis. I enjoy studying at HHU because here you can design your curriculum according to your own interests, which is very motivating and makes studying even more interesting. Düsseldorf is a beautiful and cosy city with a lot of art and beautiful sights. There are lots of lovely things to discover here. I would recommend studying at HHU to my compatriots because you can uncover new horizons for yourself here and are given a lot of support as a foreign student. A degree from HHU means a lot to me because I will have better prospects in my future professional life with a university qualification.


"At HHU people familiarize foreign students with German culture.“

Arno W. Chedjou, Cameroun: "I would recommend studying at HHU because of the thorough and competent course advice and supervision."

"I have been studying German at HHU since the winter term of 2010/2011. I am working for my PhD in the framework of the DAAD Sandwich Programme. Studying at HHU is exciting for me for a number of different reasons: Thorough and competent course advice and supervision, helpful University and State Library and the entertaining atmosphere of the university environment, just to mention a few. Since not only the University but also lots of other people in Düsseldorf are keen to familiarize foreign students with German culture through events, excursions and much more, they are in my opinion making a contribution to international understanding and discovering distant countries. That's what makes living in Düsseldorf worth living for me and those are the reasons why I would recommend studying at HHU to my compatriots too. Once I have finished writing my thesis at HHU and passed the oral examination in Cameroun, I could obtain a position at one of the universities in Cameroun."


“I recommend research at HHU because of its friendly atmosphere and interesting projects.”

Kamila Rzeszutko, Poland: "I believe a diploma from HHU will help me to find a satisfying job in the future."

"My name is Kamila and I have been a PhD student at HHU since September 2010. I chose this university because I was interested in the project they offered. My research is part of the CLIB Graduate Cluster programme, which connects universities with industry and therefore provides an opportunity to gain a wide range of experience. Thanks to lectures and conferences, I am always in touch with the latest results in biotechnology and chemistry. I would recommend undertaking research at HHU to everyone. Friendly atmosphere, interesting projects and excellent professors - these are important for all young scientists. What is important is that the whole course can be undertaken in English; however a basic command of German is still necessary in order to manage living in Germany. I believe a diploma from HHU and the whole experience gained during my time here will help me to find a satisfying job in the future, not just in my own country."


"At HHU the professors are always ready to help you.“

Dongyue Wu, China: "I recommend studying at HHU because the city of Düsseldorf is very international".

"At the moment I am studying Business Administration at HHU. I like the HHU a lot, above all because the professors are very nice and always ready to help if you have a question. I find the Business Administration course at HHU very good. Each year only about 200 students enrol for the course. This low number means that the professors can look after us better. Since recently we have also got a new building with nice lecture theatres and seminar rooms. That's why I recommend studying here to my compatriots. And Düsseldorf is in any case a lovely city. I went to school here and I particularly like the city. Düsseldorf might not be as big as Hamburg or Berlin but it is nevertheless very international. It is a pleasant place to live. Quiet, comfortable and culturally interesting, all these factors together make Düsseldorf what it is. I am glad that I live here. For me, studying at HHU is a really important but also a very nice experience. My qualification from HHU is also very valuable for my further professional life. As a graduate from a renowned German university, it will be easy for me to find a suitable job."

“Düsseldorf: A great place to live!”

Gospel Uzichi Nathan, Nigeria: "It's easy at the HHU to integrate really quickly both with fellow students and the staff. Everyone works together to reach the same specific goal.

I am studying Medicine and from my very first semester I'm delighted with the way things are going. When I first came to Düsseldorf, I planned to move on elsewhere after a while. I thought I wouldn't like it. But after a few weeks and having got to know the city I really liked it. The people are friendly, the city is modern and big and very green! The University has very modern equipment. Studying here is very effective. O.A.S.E., the new medical library, is regarded as one of the best in Germany. It's absolutely fantastic! The relationship between lecturers and students at the HHU is excellent. The lecturers are always willing to listen to students' concerns and to provide help if necessary, above all for international students. As the HHU is a campus university, it has the advantage that you don't have to rush through the city to your courses because the faculties are all pretty close together. Another good thing about this is that it is easier to get to know fellow students from other faculties."

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