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The Scholarship Program of North Rhine-Westphalia provides short term scholarships (max. 3 months) for Master and PhD students, in exceptional cases for BA students, from Palestine. Please note: Applications of palestinian citizens who reside outside their country can not be accepted.

The scholarship includes a budget for daily living expenses, as well as reimbursement of travel expenses from and to Palestine. Furthermore, accommodation will be organized by the hosting institution, health insurance and a ticket for public transport is provided.

As a first step, offers from institutes in NRW are collected who are willing to host scholars in the next year's term. Typically, more than 100 scholarship place offers are available. As a second step, these scholarship places are published in Palestine, along with the call for applications. This happens at the beginning of each new year. For the 2016 programme, the deadline for the submission of applications is 29th of February 2016.

Between 15 and 20 scholarships can be realised each year.

For more detailed information, please confer the following sections:


Since 2007, the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia has carried out a scholarship programme for students from the Palestinian territories (in the following called “Palestine”). The programme offers short-term scholarships for students from selected Palestinian universities wishing to pursue studies and research in North Rhine-Westphalia. The programme is being implemented by Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf.

The scholarship programme is designed to enable scholars to familiarize with the higher education and research scene in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia (in the following: NRW). Thus, scientific cooperation between Palestine and Germany shall be initiated, and existing cooperative research intensified.

Scholarship holders will get the opportunity to acquire skills and qualifications in NRW which will enable them to contribute to the advancement of the research system in Palestine and to promote social processes.

Scholars will have the opportunity to carry out research projects (such as measurements, computer modelling, archive studies, demoscopic studies) at university facilities in NRW as preparation of or as a part of their Master's or Ph.D. thesis at their home university. In the process, scholars will be involved in the respective research teams, and will have the opportunity to take an active role in project group activities.

Prerequisites for application

The general prerequisites for application to the scholarship program are the following:

  • Students (advanced level) in Master degree courses or Ph.D. programs, in exceptional cases also BA students, at one of the following Palestinian Universities*:
    • Birzeit University, near Ramallah
    • Al Quds University, East Jerusalem
    • Bethlehem University
    • An-Najah University, Nablus
    • Palestine Polytechnic University, Hebron
    • The Arab American University, Jenin
    • Drama Academy Ramallah
  • Support of the applicant/ recommendation by two independent Palestinian academic teachers; one of the academic teachers serves as permanent contact person.
  • Fluency in English or German.

*It is possible to extend the given list of universities, provided that a cooperation between a research facility at a North Rhine-Westphalian university and a Palestinian university facility does exist which is not listed above. Hence, students can also apply within the framework of these existing cooperations.

Implementation of the programme

Applications received will be presented to the according higher education institutions offering the scholarship places. The respective academic staff will then decide upon the adequacy of the applicant on the basis of his / her academic expertise and further qualifications. Taking into account the available number of scholarship places and after consulting the Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Research of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia the scholars will be selected.

Admitted students will receive a letter of acceptance, prospectively by mid of April 2016. Scholarship holders and hosting institutions shall then agree upon the time frame and settle the details of the scholarship stay.

From early May 2016 on, scholars may take up work in the host institution. The duration of the stay may be between eight and twelve weeks. However, we strongly recommend making use of the maximum time frame of 12 weeks, as according to experience it takes some time for foreign students to adapt to the German university system.

Within the first week, the scholar is supposed to develop a work schedule for his / her stay in NRW together with his / her faculty advisor which shall be reported to the HHUD.

Stays are to be finished not later than December 31st, 2016.

At the end of his / her stay, the applicant will be asked to recapitulate the results of his / her visit to NRW in a detailed report.

If you would like to read the reports of former scholars in order to learn about their experiences with the program or if you would like to contact them by email, please refer to the section undefinedScholars' Network.

Scholarships in detail

Scholars will be given access to all central facilities such as libraries, computer centers, online access including e-mail, refectories etc. They will be integrated into local research teams where they may actively take part in the project groups' research activities. Thus, scholars will have the opportunity to get to know North Rhine-Westphalia and its higher education and research scene. The host institutions will support the scholars by naming a project group tutor as individual counselor.

The host universities (International Offices) will assist with arrangements and the necessary paperwork. Furthermore, travel expenses can be refunded if relevant travel documents are provided. The maximum refund amounts to 700 €.

Accommodation will be organized and financed by the host facility. Additionally, scholars will be granted a public transport season ticket providing mobility throughout the region. Furthermore, each scholar will receive an amount of 16.44 € per day to cover living expenses. All funds are directly settled between the host facility and the scholar. Necessary health insurance coverage will be provided by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia within the framework of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Group Insurance Scheme.

We highly recommend that accepted students take part in a German language course prior to or during the scholarship stay in NRW, especially if scholars have few or no knowledge of the German language. Depending on the time frame of the scholarship stay, the respective host university may offer German courses for foreign students. As an alternative, scholars might participate in a course at their home university prior to their stay in NRW or use the free online tools provided by "Deutsche Welle" for individual language training: undefined,,2547,00.html.


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