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HHU-Buddy-Programme “Mate-For-You”

(c) HHU / Ivo Mayr
(c) HHU / Ivo Mayr

Hoist the sails!

Within the framework of iQu we aim to support our international students from abroad to integrate into the student life at HHU.

At the same time, we would like to offer local students opportunities to find international friends and to gain intercultural experience.

The Buddy Programme “Mate-For-You” brings one student from abroad (World-Mate) together with a local student (Home-Mate).

Welcome aboard!


  • Get to know other cultures
  • Make friendships worldwide
  • Improve your language skills
  • Gain intercultural competences


  • Get to know Germany and the HHU
  • Spend some free time with new friends
  • Practise your German
  • Receive help in case you have difficulties


  • undefinedRegistration World-Mate (incoming student)
  • undefinedRegistration Home-Mate (local student)
  • The registration for the summerterm 2017 is closed!
  • We will inform you about your registration for the winter term and whether we found a Mate for you at the beginning of October.
  • Please note that we cannot guarantee to find a Mate for everyone as the number of registrations for World Mates and Home Mates may differ. In case we are unable to suggest a Mate for you, we are happy to put you on our waiting list.
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undefinedAdd us at facebook and be up-to-date. As a participant you can join a facebook group to have a chat with other mates.

There's also a public group for former and future participants of the Mate-For-You programme. It is called undefinedMate-For-You Community. You can join it to stay in contact with your mate and former participants and get to know the new buddies. You can also use it to ask any question regarding the Mate-For-You programme.




We organize some events where you can meet the other participants of the "Mate-For-You" programme, among others the obligatory “First Meeting”, at which you will get to know your mate for the first time. In addition, every monday during the semester we organize a regulars' table in a Pub in cooperation with ESN. We will announce modifications in time or place here and via facebook.

summerterm 2017:

  • regulars' table          every monday, 9pm at the pub Tigges (Brunnenstraße 1) in cooperation with ESN
  • intercultural dinner  September



1. When and where can I register?
The registration deadline for the winter semester is end of September, for the summer semester end of March.

2. What is a home-mate?
A home-mate is a student of the Heinrich-Heine University (HHU) and who participates at the “mate-for-you“ programme. As a home-mate you should be at least in the second semester and be familiar with the HHU. There are no any other requirements.

3. What is a world-mate?
A world-mate is a student from abroad, who is new at the Heinrich-Heine University. He/she intends to study at least one semester at the HHU and participates in the “mate-for-you” programme.

4. How many mates can I get?
Every world-mate gets one home-mate. If there are more registered international students than the local ones, the home-mates can get the second world-mate. Our aim is to guarantee, that almost every registered world-mate can participate in the programme.

5. Can I choose my mate?
Not directly. However, in the matching sheet you can indicate your preferences regarding your mate’s gender, interests etc., which will be considered when possible.

6. When does the programme start?
The programme starts with the first meeting, in which you can get acquainted with your mate. In general, there are two dates for those meetings in each semester: in the winter semester- early and mid- October and in the summer semester - early and mid-April.

7. Can I change my mate, if I don’t get along well with him/her?
If you cannot get along with your mate at all, you could get a new one, in the case there are candidates on the waiting list.

8. What can we do together?
It is up to you and your mate how you spend your common time. Within the framework programme offered by us you can for example attend the intercultural dinner, visit the Christmas market and thus get in touch with other participants.

9. What is not part of my duty as home-mate?
You are not obliged to provide help with the matters exceeding your competences and capabilities (juridical questions, problems with official bodies). In such cases, please contact the programme coordinators or other respective helpdesks at the HHU.

10. For how long am I supposed to keep contact with my mate?
The world-mates should be accompanied by their home-mates at least for one semester. It is up to you, for how long time you stay in touch beyond this term.

11. Who can give me an advice, if I have questions?
For any questions please contact the coordinators of the „mate-for-you“ programme. You can reach us via undefinedmate-for-you(at)hhu.de via our facebook account „Buddy.Mateforyou“.

13. Can I get a certificate for my participation in “mate-for-you” programme?
You can get a “mate-for-you” certificate, if you have participated in at least 3 of the group events. Therefore please feel in and submit to the programme coordinators the Activity Sheet. The “mate for you” certificate can be recognized as one out of four modules required in order to obtain the undefinedcertificate for intercultural competences. For further information about the certificate for intercultural competences, please contact the  undefinedZentrum Studium Universale.

Certificate for Intercultural Compentence

  • The Certificate for Intercultural Competence is given out by Studium Universale. It certifies experience in the area of intercultural experience. 
  • In order to recieve the certificate, three of the following four modules should be applicable to you:
    • Foreign experience
    • Foreign language skills
    • Intercultural Training
    • International commitment
  • The Buddy Programme can be recognized for the module International Commitment.
  • You can find all relevant information on the websites of undefinedStudium Universale.

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