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“Internationalisation at Home” at HHU

(c) HHU / Ivo Mayr
(c) HHU / Ivo Mayr

Beside the promotion of mobility in terms of study, internships and research abroad HHU offers a diversity of opportunities to gather international experiences, learning foreign languages and acquire intercultural competence “right here at home at HHU”.

Intercultural Competence

HHU Buddy programme “Mate-For-You”
Events, monthly regulars' table, networking on Facebook...
Meet international friends and acquire intercultural competences.

HHU Certificate of Intercultural Competence
Acquire a significant certificate of having gathered key skills for your curriculum vitae by completing three of four activities.

Studium Universale: Workshops “Diversity Competence and Mobility”
Within the framework of its winter academy Studium Universale offers workshops for “Diversity Managment” and “Acquiring Intercultural Competence”.

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Studierendenakademie: Learning modern foreign languages
Comprehensive foreign language programme for students of all faculties: general and specific language courses, preparatory courses for tests, certifications.

Courses in foreign languages at HHU
Participate in courses held in a foreign language and acquire subject-specific vocabulary and train your listening comprehension.

Romance Studies Student Representatives: Language Tandem
Get in touch with a language partner in order to practice Romance languages or German respectively.

Faculty of Law: Moot Court
Within the framework of international competions Law students act as laywers in simulated lawsuits and train their subject-specfic English skills.

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Intercultural Encounter

Duesseldorf Student Services: Meet French and Polish students
Accompany guest students from France and Poland for a week and participate in a cultural programme together.

ESN Duesseldorf: ERASMUS community on Facebook
The ERASMUS community in Duesseldorf comes together in the Facebook group of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN): Parties, events, regulars' table...

AEGEE Duesseldorf - The European student forum
Social, cultural and political commitment to the European integration - together with students from all over Europe.

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