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NEU - Wahlfach "Medizinische Versorgung von geflüchteten Menschen"

Die AG Flüchtlingshilfe der Fachschaft Medizin der HHU ist eine Gruppe von Medizinstudierenden, die es sich zum Ziel gesetzt haben, die medizinische Versorgung von Geflüchteten zu verbessern. Hier geht es zu ihrer undefinedProjektskizze.

Im Rahmen des Studium Universale wird auch im Wintersemester 2017/18 das Wahlfach "Medizinische Versorgung von geflüchteten Menschen" angeboten. undefinedmehr Informationen
Damit die Sprachbarriere überwunden werden kann, wurde mit dem Aufbau einer regionalen Dolmetscherdatenbank begonnen. Wer sich für die Arbeit als Übersetzer interessiert oder Fragen zum Wahlfach hat, kann an diese undefinedE-Mail schreiben.

Die AG Flüchtlingshilfe freut sich immer über neue Helfer bei ihren Treffen, die i.d.R. donnerstags um 17 Uhr im Fachschaftsraum in der O.A.S.E. stattfinden. Für Fragen zum Projekt: undefinedE-Mail.

Refugee Law Clinic Düsseldorf first open consultation hours

Our consultation hours are every

1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6-7:30 pm in the Welcome Center close to Düsseldorf main station (Heinz-Schmöle-Str. 7, 40227 Düsseldorf).

as well as every

2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 3:30-5 pm in the Welcome Point 01 (Münsterstr. 6, 40477 Düsseldorf).

The Refugee Law Clinic Düsseldorf (RLCD) exists since 2016. They are an association of university students and offer free legal advice for refugees and asylum seekers.
The RLCD support and advice you when you have to file applications, go to appointments at the German authorities or in other related issues. The students are continuously trained in asylum and migration law and work closely with a pool of experienced lawyers in asylum and migration law in order to ensure that you get advice of high quality.
The RLCD is supported by Mr. Karl-Heinz Krems, undersecretary of state in the judicial department of the government of North Rhine-Westphalia as well as the department ‘Studium Universale’ of the University of Düsseldorf.
In a lecture as well as practice orientated seminars, the advising students are equipped with knowledge in asylum, migration and residence law. Working for the law clinic, students have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to real cases.

More information:

The RLC on facebook:

Homepage Welcome Center undefinedhere.

Homepage Welcome Point 01 undefinedhere.

Overview of all Welcome Points in Düsseldorf undefinedhere.

Sprachbuddys - Gemeinsam mit Geflüchteten

Mit dem Integrationsprojekt „Sprachbuddys - Gemeinsam mit Flüchtlingen“ soll eine Plattform geboten werden, damit Geflüchtete einfacher Kontakte und Freundschaften zur deutschen Bevölkerung aufbauen können. undefinedmehr

Hier auch ein Video zum Projekt!

App "Welcome to NRW"

"Welcome to NRW" is the official app of North Rhine-Westphalia for refugees. There are basic information and can help you to orientate in NRW. undefinedApp

Scholars at Risc Network - Host a scholar

SAR invites member institutions to welcome threatened scholars temporarily to campus as professors, researchers, lecturers, visiting scholars, post-docs, graduate fellows or students.

"Science4Refugees Research Buddies"

The Project "Science4Refugees Research Buddies" is part of the EU’s Science 4Refugees initiative and is designed to be an effective and easy way to build a network of researchers.
This is vital as Refugee Researchers have to wait sometimes many months until their application for asylum is treated, time they can use to stay up to date in their research field and stay in contact with the research community. undefinedMore


"Chance-for-Science" is a project of the University Leipzig and offers refugees and local scientists, academics and students a platform of exchange. undefinedMore

Exhibition "Clearance - Between Inside and Outside"

As a part of their Master’s degree in Art History at the Heinrich-Heine-Universität a project of four students with the title ‚Zwischenraum – Zwischen Innen und Außen’ has been originated and will be presented in November 2016 at the ‚Haus der Universität’ in Düsseldorf.
The program offers four people from Syria and Iran, who had to flee from their homeland, a place to show their art In an exhibition as well as in an additional homepage. They could share their joy of creating with the public, express themselves and encourage exchanges with the public. undefinedMore

Week of Respect - Press Release

"Hut ab" - Minister Svenja Schulze has honored students who are active in refugee aid for their commitment to xenophobia and tolerance and humanity. undefinedMore

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