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Study opportunities at HHU for refugees

In the 2016 summer semester too, all faculties at Heinrich Heine University will open up specific courses to make it easier for refugees capable of university studies to pursue a regular study programme at a later stage. These are, in the first instance, introductory or 'taster' courses. There will also be the possibility for refugees capable of university studies to be accompanied by a buddy during these courses in the framework of HHU's new Mate-for-Refugees programme.

Specially organized intensive language training in German and a parallel tutorial will help participants acquire sufficient proficiency in the German language to be able to commence a university study programme.

There will additionally be a series of lectures in English, in which the various faculties as well as their syllabuses and admission requirements will be presented. This offer, together with the targeted teaching of knowledge, prepares suitably qualified prospective students for studies at a higher education institution in Germany.

Further details about the information session and the lecture series can be found under 'Current Events'.

To register for the introductory courses please go to 'Taster Courses'.
Further information about the German language courses and registering for them can be found under 'German Language Courses'.

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New Dates for German courses at HHU

The next German course for Refugees at the Heinrich-Heine-University will start at the 18th of July.


The application phase was from the 6th of June to 10th of June.


For refugees capable of university studies, Heinrich Heine University offers special intensive...

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